Do Not Hate the Redskin

Recently a group of legislators decided to submit a resolution urging professional sports teams and the media to stop using terms that are considered racist such as the term Redskin. Therefore, many sports teams across the nation using such racial terms are under greater scrutiny. The term Redskin or any other racist term is a product of that organization. This type of product is a symbol. Requiring an organization to change their symbol does not change the culture that developed the symbol. The allowance of this type of culture is a product of the various experiences and values that each individual in the culture embraces or tolerates. Racial insensitivity develops in individuals as they progress through school. One of the key factors are teachers who tolerate either racism in the classroom or embrace racism in the classroom and therefore transferring the same values to their students which ultimately influences their decision making as an adult. In order to change the culture we must change the allowance and facilitation of racism in our classrooms and schools. Schools will need to do a better job in ensuring that the education of children is race free.


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Racial Insensitivity Hurts Business

I was attending a business meeting and one of the leaders of the meeting reminded me that when someone is speaking I need to give them my full attention. He reminded me that he noticed that when others are speaking I am looking at either my iPad or iPhone. He ended our conversation by stating that “I have come to you as a man and looked you straight in the eye”. I thought to myself ‘this business man is racially insensitive’. He is not aware that Blacks and Whites have different verbal and nonverbal behavior expectations. For example, Black people are kinesthetic and have the ability to do more that one thing at time. I remember as an administrator and talking to my students and before I finished they began to talk. I know that this lack of racial acceptance begins in the classroom where white teachers set precedence for cultural expectations. A racially insensitive business person is a business person that will suffer from the lack of potential business income. For racial sensitivity training, contact me @ (856) 566-3267 or